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Posted by techno62 | April 8, 2013

What Does the Diet Research tell us?

Most of the studies done on weight loss have been woeful and not done to the standards of science.

There are so many schools of thought - the low carb side (Atkins, Eades, Paleo, etc.) present a good case and on the opposite side of the spectrum you have the China Study side (T. Colin Campbell, the Esselstyn’s, Dean Ornish, vegetarians, vegans, Raw, etc). We will look at the various schools of thought and the latest research by people like Gary Taubes.

When people lose weight on most diets, they are losing water and lean mass. These are not what you want to lose. This is unhealthy weight loss. In two large studies, people who had lost weight increased their chances of dying earlier. Those who lost fat weight increased their life span. This should be your focus and is different than what most weight loss programs aim for. You may appear to be smaller, but you still have a fat person’s body. Not healthy.

Low Carb Living and Performance, Dr.’s Volek and Phinney


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