The New Weight Watchers Plan

Weight Watchers International unveiled the successor to its iconic calorie-counting Points program. The new PointsPlus program will not only identify the number of calories in a foodstuff but also favor food that the body works harder to convert into energy and steer the weight-conscious away from food with excess sugar and fats.

"We are confident that PointsPlus is the best program Weight Watchers has ever offered not only to help Americans lose weight and make smarter food choices but also to combat the nation's growing obesity epidemic," said David Kirchhoff, president and CEO of Weight Watchers International.

Weight Watchers launched the new system online today. It was available in Weight Watchers meeting rooms across the U.S. starting Nov. 28.

Among the details known - fruits and most vegatables will be point free. It gives greater value to protein and fiber. The company also has created "power food" choices so people can select the healthiest foods within food categories, such as soups or frozen dinners. Those power foods will be identified in the program.

The company says the new system is based on more recent research and will replace the old system which has been in use for 13 years.

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